I am writing this letter of reference in favor of Virtus Concrete. During my tenure with ET Design-Build
as Senior Project Manager, I worked closely with Virtus Concrete, during the construction of the Waste
Management D&R Transfer Facility. The $20M projects
efforts included over 30 subcontractors, an aggressive design/build schedule, and difficult working
conditions on account of building on top of an existing landfill.
Virtus Concrete operated an average crew of 30 and did a phenomenal job upholding and in several
phases accelerating the project schedule during the execution of their scope of work. In addition, they
did a phenomenal job of working with and coordinating with the many other sub-contractors they
shared a workspace with.

The concrete scope of the project included 20 ft tall load-out tunnel wall pours, foundational elements
of the 55,000 SqFt building, anchor bolt embeds, pile caps, and floor slabs. Virtus Concrete’s efforts
culminated in their coordination and successful execution of a 90-man, 24 hours, 3,200 CY pour of the
entire building and load-out tunnel slab.

A project video was produced, depicting many of their efforts, titled “WM Management D&R Transfer
Station, Commerce City, CO” on YouTube. I would not hesitate to recommend the Virtus Concrete
team to any client seeking a contractor with a phenomenal team attitude, and the ability to pull in as
many team members as needed to constantly meet or exceed critical project schedules.

– Sam Bice